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“Brandon built our home in 2010 and it was a great experience. Building can be very emotional and he was able to keep me calm and made it a fun thing. He was helpful, resourceful and provided wonderful guidance. He started our build on June 4th and we moved in October 13th!!!! That is a fact, no joke~

-Danny L.


“Prior to moving back to Texas in 2013 my wife and I had the opportunity to live in numerous places during a 25-year military career. As a result we’ve lived in many homes, including two new builds. Brandon, hands down, is the finest builder/contractor we’ve ever dealt with! His passion for his work, integrity, and work ethic are second to none. My wife and I tell everyone that the building process was nearly a non-event due to the communication and attention to detail that Brandon provided. We have since sold our Brandon Custom Home and moved to more property, but had we been able to pick up his home and move it to our existing location we would have done so in a minute. That is why we have asked Brandon for his expertise into the remodeling of our current home. We did not know Brandon before contracting with him to build our home, but certainly now consider him a friend. I don’t believe we’ve ever been able to say that about a home builder before.



“My wife and I never, ever wanted to build a home, but the market was so hot in 2021 when we moved back to Central Texas that there was literally nothing available that fit our family. Thank God for Brandon! His responsiveness, attentiveness, and obvious expertise quickly pushed out the dread I initially felt about the process. Brandon guided us every step of the way, and in the most difficult construction environment in recent memory, he was on-time and on-budget. None of our friends could believe it. And most importantly, the home he made for us is amazing! It’s beautiful, functional, and perfect for our family. Brandon is not only outstanding at what he does, he’s an outstanding person who cares about his clients….we can’t recommend him highly enough.”



“I would love to sing Brandon’s praises. First, let me assure you that I wouldn’t recommend him if I didn’t have a positive experience. We built our house and then put in a pool. We had not one issue with Brandon – I promise. He built us a 6000 sq ft house in just over 6 months. My architect made a few mistakes (forgot a microwave, incorrect door, etc) – every step of the way, Brandon was laid back and had a solution to everything. His price was completely fair – in fact, upon completion, our value was 40% higher than what we paid. He builds a fabulous house!! We had no plans for anything above our garage. While framing, he mentioned he could finish it out with no plans. He worked with us and we now have a beautiful guest room/office/gym that we weren’t expecting. I always tell people that the only bad thing about ending the process was that I’d no longer see Brandon. Not true though since he is here for whatever issue. My husband was out of town one night a few months ago and I had slow water, with a pool being built. He left in the middle of dinner and drove to my house to make sure I was ok. That’s the man Brandon is. Another thing I liked about him was that if he couldn’t answer his phone, he called back immediately. I never waited. Appreciated that. Also, something I learned to appreciate after the pool process was that Brandon was always a step ahead so that there was no delay in building. For example, the floors are being stained next week, it’s time to pick out cabinet stain. There were a few areas on my plans where he had to get creative – lofts in my kids’ rooms, laundry passageways – he and his contractors were clever and patient. I’m sorry about babbling – I just genuinely love that man and can’t say enough about him. I don’t believe he’s a typical builder.



“Brandon did such a great job working with us and all of our quirks. Not only did he build us our dream home without delay, but he truly listened to what we wanted and treated us like we were family. Brandon is far more than a great home builder, he’s one of the best human beings I’ve had the privilege to know. He’s #1 in our book.

-Greg Browning

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